Directed by Freek Quartier & Jens Møller

Every day, Mr. Owl, perched up in his tree, reads from the 'Daily Fable' – the local newspaper – wonderful stories about the events taking place in Fableland, and especially the mishaps, quarrel, experiences and emotions of its motley crew of furry and feathered animal inhabitants. Miss Stork, Mr. Crow and the rest of the gang form a community almost 'by chance'. Their different characters and their different moods often collide, but they will always look out for each other and show compassion. Their hilarious adventures shine a light on the challenges and rewards of living together, blending the engaging clarity of the classic fables with a mischievous, modern sense of humour.

Rubinstein Pictures and Grid Animation teamed up with De Levita Productions in bringing the classic children’s series Daily Fables (De Fabeltjeskrant) back to the screen.